Mini Dessert with Dark Chocolate

Brand: Deluxe Cost: 85p Found at: Lidl This is a fairly standard little cup of chocolate mousse. It’s rich and creamy and has a little bit of chocolate crumble at the bottom – honestly, what more could you ask for? But what sets this apart from all the other pudding cups in the dessert isle... Continue Reading →

Gooseberry Fool

Brand: Tesco Cost: 65p Found at: Tesco My mother’s approach to gardening is a two-stage affair: the first strange is to plant strange and unusual vegetables to see what will grow in the uncooperative Washington weather. The second stage is to spend the next decade desperately trying to rid the garden of a plant that... Continue Reading →

Mango Pudding

Brand: Morinaga Cost: 158 yen for 3 Found At: Yamadai I did not need to know that they sold mango pudding in the grocery store across the street. I could have happily lived my life without this knowledge. I could have gone to the store every few days and passed by the “pudding” section, completely... Continue Reading →

Enchanting Almond Jelly

Brand: Asia Tea Shop Cost: 120 yen Found At: Family Mart   One thing of the many things that love about my job at the elementary school is the school lunch. I love that I get to eat the same thing that the children eat every day. It’s a concept that I really connect with... Continue Reading →

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