Bamboo Shoot Village Chocolates

Brand: Meiji Cost: 54 yen Found At: Daiso There is something about being human that compels us to seek out a clan. From the profound to the mundane, we will identify ourselves with just about anything – neighborhoods, sports teams, TV shows, toilet paper hanging techniques, dietary restrictions – if there is something that will... Continue Reading →

Galbo Strawberry Chocolate

Brand: Meiji Price: 100 yen Found At: Family Mart It is a generally accepted scientific fact that, once you start working with young kids, you inevitably put on weight. The extensive studies on the subject, helpfully summarized to me by my collogues, vary in their conclusions. Some find that the cause is professional, claiming that... Continue Reading →

Fran Double Chocolate

Brand: Meiji Price: 120 yen Found At: Yamadai When I was a kid, pocky was always a rare novelty treat that we could only get when we traveled up to the big city with the Asian grocery store. By the time I was in high school, we started to see them in the Safeways and... Continue Reading →

Lemon Marble Chocolate

Brand: Meiji Cost: 100 yen Found At: Family Mart, Osaka The Meiji chocolate headquarters in the Tokyo area has the best building design I have ever seen. Move over Kanazawa art museum, there’s a new architectural innovator in town. The wall facing the Shinkansen is designed to look exactly like a giant Meiji chocolate bar.... Continue Reading →

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