Salty Cracker Chocolate

Brand: Marabou Cost: 10.95KR Found at: Coop   This chocolate bar has tiny little Tuc crackers in it. Not cracker crumbs or crunchy cracker fragments, but whole, miniature Tuc crackers. It is possibly the most adorable chocolate I have ever seen. Now, I love Tuc crackers on their own – they are crunchy and salty... Continue Reading →

Marabou – Digestive

Brand: Marabou Found at: Coop Cost: 15KR   When I was a tween, I went with my family on a hiking trip in Sweden.   It is possibly the most privileged thing I’ve ever done, and it was marvelous. I’d always wanted to go to Europe – I’d hassled my parents for years about it... Continue Reading →

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