Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Brand: Hempler’s Cost: $6.89 Found at: Safeway             Being an occasional expat, I’ve been called all sorts of names by people who feel that I do not love America enough. I’ve been called a communist, a Libtard, an America-hater, a sheeple – all the usual terms of derision that become so popular during election years.... Continue Reading →

Veggie Jerky

Brand: Kings Cost: £2.50 Found at: Morrison's   I don’t hate this at all. Looks like jerky, tastes like jerky – I’d eat this again. I will eat this again. It’s sweet and peppery and they even got the stringy texture right. Sure, it’s not a perfect meat substitute, but who cares? It tastes good.... Continue Reading →

Salmon Stick

 Brand: Mystery Cost: 399 yen Found At: Mini Stop I like fish. More specifically, I like salmon. Today, especially, has been an unusually salmon-y day. I’m not sure if the cause is nutritional, and I need more protein in my diet, or sentimental, and I am missing the fishy taste of home. Either way, I... Continue Reading →

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