Yuzu Konjac Jelly

Brand: Zen-Noah Ibaraki Found at: Bokkusu I will say this again for the people in the back: Stop. Selling. Jelly. In. A. Packet. It is disconcerting and I hate it. Is the yuzu flavor pleasant and refreshing? Certainly. Is it convenient to be able to take a jelly treat with me in my purse? Most... Continue Reading →


Brand: Carletti Cost: 3 for 10KR Found at: ICA   If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about the Scandinavian countries, it is that their relationship can best be described as a sibling rivalry. For the outside observer, they seem to be pretty similar, but in their own eyes, they could not be more different.... Continue Reading →

Enchanting Almond Jelly

Brand: Asia Tea Shop Cost: 120 yen Found At: Family Mart   One thing of the many things that love about my job at the elementary school is the school lunch. I love that I get to eat the same thing that the children eat every day. It’s a concept that I really connect with... Continue Reading →

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